Smart IPTV

Setting up SIPTV for  Samsung/LG Smart TV's, and also Amazon Firestick/Box/Android TV.


Step 1 - Download smart iptv app (free for 7 days then 5.49 euros for life). 

It is available fron the Samsung app store, LG app store, Amazon app store and Google play store.


To use the program beyond 7 days you have to purchase a lifetime subscription from the developer. 

Smart IPTV is not affiliated with us and is seperate from your subscription. 

Your FireStarter subscription does not cover the cost of the Smart IPTV app.

Make sure to follow the instructions on your tv after installation of the program

and register the application at

Please Note:  We do NOT need your MAC address when you order a subscription.

Step 2 - Write down your mac address.

Step 3 - Go to .  Please do not use a cellphone.  

Please use a laptop or a computer to do this.

Step 4 - Enter your mac into the left hand side of the first set of boxes per the picture below.


Step 5 - Enter your playlist (m3u url) into the URL: box per the picture above.
Please do not Download the M3U File, and upload the file in the File: box above the URL: Box,

as this will not update your URL when there our channel and movie changes.

This will look similar to the line below:


But will have your username and password where the xxxxx's are.
This information is in the email with your M3U URL.  

Please do NOT copy and paste the sample above!!

Please copy the M3U Playlist URL from the

"Your FireStarter Service details" from your EMAIL.
Please check your junk folder if email is not found in your inbox.


If the above URL is too long to type, you can create a shorter version at this webpage -

Step 6 - Pick the I am not a robot box and do caption if required.

Step 7 - Choose country you are living in (or closest to you). Select Logos.  Leave "Save Online" unchecked.

Step 8 - Press Send you should see a message saying playlist added on website.

Step 9 - Close app on tv then reopen it you will see that all channels have been added to your smart iptv.

NOTE: If you closed the Application after uploading your URL,

and did NOT receive any channels, please go to

and enter your MAC Address on the last box called "Delete Playlist".

See Pic below, it is on the last box.  

Then click "DELETE" after you pick the I am not a robot box and do caption if required.

Again, please enter MAC Address in capitals please. 
After you reset, proceed back to step 4.


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